Ultralight 22g RF Meths Stove


The controllable fuel feed allows the stove to burn for as long as you require (providing there’s fuel in the bottle). It cleverly features an internal valve to prevent fuel vapour being drawn back into the fuel bottle. The remote system gives you complete management of the fuel that feeds the stove, allowing you control over the cooking time.

Bear Bones 22g Remote Feed KitThe 22g RF (remote feed) is fully assembled with fuel hose and shut off clip, supplied in a protective case with a 150ml fuel bottle, spare cap and operating instructions.

Weight (inc fuel line and cap): 48g (± 2g).
Dimensions: Diameter 75mm (at fuel inlet) x height 43mm
Maximum fuel capacity: 150ml.
Average total burn time from blooming: Indefinite, as long as there’s fuel in the bottle!
Intended pot diameter: 80mm to 150mm.

Product Description

An ultralight meths stove that delivers extended burn times with its unique remote feed system.